Takane Shijou (四条 貴音), a 1/4 French, 1/4 Austrian, and half Japanese girl, was hired to be part of an orchestra, as a violinist. She performs for the first time in a concert, and does absolutely well. After the concert was over, a lady named Azusa Miura (三浦 あずさ) compliments Takane's violin playing skills. Azusa invites Takane to a tea party, which she didn't expect, but she went anyways. They become friends at the tea party. Azusa shows Takane some of her art pieces, which Takane marvelled at. Takane tells Azusa all about how she wants to become an artist as well, but can't do that well. Azusa and Takane agree to teach each other, and it blooms into a beautiful friendship.
The series is mostly about Takane Shijou and Azusa Miura and how friendly they are. There are supporting characters, like Azusa's little sister (Matsu "Ayumi" Miura / 三浦 松), Megumi Watanabe (渡辺 恵海), Akane Shijou (四条 赤音), and the polite yet cold and stoic Chihaya Kisaragi (如月 千早).
Matsu is a very kind and gentle soul and looks a lot like Azusa Miura, except with short hair. She loves her big sister a lot, but is a little scared of Takane Shijou.
Megumi Watanabe is a close friend of Takane Shijou, and they went to the same school. She is always seen with a hat on, no matter how weird it is.
Akane Shijou was raised by her biological parents (her older sister was raised by foster parents). She is very hyperactive and strange; she has a weird personality and likes to bother takane shijou a lot.
Chihaya Kisaragi might seem cold, antisocial and stoic, due to her not talking to people much. It looks like she prefers listening to her music to talking to others, but she's actually very kind
The anime premiered on March 21st, 2020. The latest episode, which aired 8/9/2020, was an episode all about Akane Shijou (no one else was in it). Megumi no Takane Shijou has sub-plots, but not a plot in general.
Some of the people in this series look like idolmaster girls, as well... especially Megumi Watanabe.