It was a dark and rainy day in Kyoto. Takane Shijou was in a bad mood; she didn't have a good night's sleep due to Akane bothering her. She was going to perform a concerto today; she was very nervous, which was unusual for her. She was usually more confident in her violinist skills, but not today.

Erika Watanabe, the sister of Megumi (who was Takane's best friend), asked her why she was feeling down. Takane just told her that it was nothing.

Eventually, the concert starts. Takane did worse than usual, but when it came to her solo, she was frozen in place, due to stage fright.

Takane started to cry on stage, and then ran away. She was thinking about how one of her fans, Chihaya Kisaragi, had died a few days ago, and how she wanted Takane by side in her final moments of life. Takane started to cry even more. The conductor was surprised, and so was the crowd. Some of the crowd members were confused, while some were angry.

Takane was running in the heavy rain, crying. She wasn't there for Chihaya's death, as traffic had gotten in the way. She felt so guilty; she was crying so heavily. She didn't care if it wasn't graceful; she was letting all her emotions out. People in the street were staring at her, but she didn't care.

She went to her house, and continued to cry. Her parents tried to comfort her, but it wouldn't work.

A few hours later, Takane was now in bed; she was still sad, and had trouble sleeping. She wanted to take a nap after all what has happened.

"...Takane...?" A familiar voice could be heard. Takane was shocked and surprised...

"Chihaya?" Takane asked in a soft and sorrowful tone. "No, this can't be... I thought... I thought you were gone..."

"I was watching from heaven. I could see the sorrow you were going through. I'm sorry for causing you this..." Chihaya started to cry. She was wearing an angel's robe, and had angel wings and a golden halo, showing that she was still dead... but how was she visiting?

Takane was crying again; she was hugging Chihaya very tightly. "Please don't leave me. You died too young... you died too young!"

Chihaya was crying as well. They were both hugging each other, crying.

"My... my idolmaster..."

"Please... please don't ever leave me again, Graceful Takane..."

However, suddenly, Akane comes cartwheeling in and bumps into the two.

"WAHAHAHAHAHA! Takane-chan!! Did you like that!? And is this your girlfriend, Takane-chan... wait, huh?" Akane could see her sister, visibly angry now. Chihaya was just confused.

"Please leave us alone... I'm having an emotional moment right now," Takane said. Akane however goes up to Chihaya Kisaragi and then has a literal seizure in front of her. takane shijou facepalms.

Eventually, Takane's parents take Akane away from the room.

"Now with that over..." Chihaya was calmer now. "Unfortunately, I could only stay with you for a short time..."

Chihaya bids Takane farewell, with Takane crying once again... Chihaya went back up into heaven. Takane was crying again, with her parents and sister comforting her...

Akane was showing her serious side for once... she didn't realize Chihaya was dead...