"WAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Today is the day I become a singer!!" Akane Shijou was in her room. She had ramune soda and dagashi in her room, with lots of dagashi wrappers.
Akane put her favorite song on, which was an instrumental for the song, "Watashi no Sekai," sung by a lady named Hikari Tadokoro. Her singing was very off-key and then her sister, Takane, goes up to her room, angry.
"Takane-chan! You're my first fan! So what do you think of my singing?" Akane asked very cutely.
"You should try to sing more quietly; I'm trying to sleep!" Takane left.
The next day, Akane goes to the the agency, "Idol Sengoku." Akane does an audition, but it ended up with her being kicked out because she was having a literal seizure while singing off-key.
Akane was angry, and then took her anger out on takane shijou. How rude.