Today, we will be introducing 2 characters...
Azusa Nakano, and Tsumugi Kotobuki!


We wanted to fill up our collection of gacha characters with many Azusa as possible, so the creation of Azusa Nakano was decided!

Azusa Nakano

"I am very talented in the guitar."
Azusa is known for her guitar skills, and comes with a whole pack of Azusa and love!
She was created from the base of Makoto Kikuchi, an idolmaster girl; but trust me, she's nothing like Makoto Kikuchi. She's more modest than her.

Tsumugi Kotobuki

"I am a piano prodigy. I might even rival Takane Shijou..."
A piano prodigy since age 4, comes Tsumugi Kotobuki. She is known for her thick eyebrows and gentle personality. She is very good at keyboarding.
She was created from the base of Takane Shijou, the main protagonist of Megumi no Takane Shijou.
The rest are coming soon.
And that is K-ON!!
Fun Facts: Azusa Nakano shares her name with Azusa Tadokoro and Azusa Miura!
Takane Shijou comes from Kyoto, where this show takes place!
Azusa Nakano is tall as Takane Shijou here, while Tsumugi Kotobuki is taller than Azusa (and therefore Takane Shijou).
Mio Akiyama shares her first name with Mio Honda, from the idolmaster! Also, with a drink flavor adder.
There is a bot on discord named after Yui Hirasawa.
Ritsu Tainaka... Ritsuko Akizuki... see anything interesting?