I control Hibiki Ganaha, in a commu!
It was a day in Shizuoka. Makoto Kikuchi was on a tractor, plowing a farm field when suddenly, I showed up!
"Hey! What's going on, Hibiki?" Makoto waved hi to you.
Options: I'm doing fine! - Nothing really - Let's do something fun! - get away from my face
"Let's do something fun!" I said. "I saw chihaya kisaragi getting a driver's license from the grocery store!"
"A driver's license? I can already drive my tractor around! I don't need one of these!"
a flashback was seen. makoto kikuchi was causing terror in the town, with her tractor
Options: Tractors are boring! - You are boring! - Come on!
"Makoto, tractors are extremely boring. How about let's go get some driver's licenses!" And with that, we both run to wherever we get driver's licenses.
"You two again? The last time you tried to get a driver's license, you totally wiped out!" Yayoi Takatsuki said, not approving of the two.
a flashback was seen. yayoi takatsuki lets hibiki ganaha borrow a car, with hibiki smiling. she crashes into a tree, with her facepalming. makoto kikuchi drives off a cliff and also gets totalled
"It's Hibiki's fault, if she didn't have such an epic wipeout maybe I would've been more focused!" Makoto made a really bad excuse.
Options: Give an explanation - Sing a song - Throw eggs at azusa miura
"We were high on water. Please give us a second chance!" I begged for Yayoi Takatsuki to be more lenient.
"Okay, fine!" Yayoi Takatsuki points towards two frog cars.
She gives us a second chance! Makoto Kikuchi jumped into the first car, and then hits ritsuko akizuki and takane shijou with her frog car. Yayoi Takatsuki just facepalms.
"And what about you, Hibiki Ganaha?" Yayoi asked.
Options: save the two - Use the new car and run over chihaya kisaragi - Turn into Miki Hoshii
I get into my car and then try to run over chihaya kisaragi, but instead it hits the car Makoto Kikuchi was in.
the end chihaya kisaragi, takane shijou and azusa miura belong to "megumi no takane shijou." the other characters belong to the idolmaster