Name: Tsumugi Shiraishi
Age: 17
Card Type & Base Rarity: Elegant, Rare+
Eye Color: Light Turquoise
Location: Ishikawa
Personality: "Refined, yet sharp-tongued"
Voice Actor: Minami Saki (idolmaster Million Live: Theater Days)
Name Meaning: Tsumugi (紬) means pongee. Her last name, Shiraishi, is a mixture of the kanji for white (shiro / 紬) and stone (ishi / 石).
A very polite, yet sharp-tongued character who comes from Ishikawa. She joined the Million Live cast along with Kaori Sakuramori in 2017. She is interested in traditional Japanese things. She is known for her Kanazawa dialect.
Fun Fact: She shares her name with Tsumugi Kotobuki from K-ON and Tsumugi Shirogane from Danganronpa.
She can be compared to Chihaya Kisaragi from Megumi no Takane Shijou; Chihaya Kisaragi is very polite, but she has a sharp tongue. However, Tsumugi Shiraishi probably has a happier family.