Name: Takane Shijou
Age: 23
Card Type & Base Rarity: Elegant, Rare++
Eye Color: Carmine
Location: Kyoto
Personality: Graceful
Voice Actor: Kana Tsukimori (Megumi no Takane Shijou), Azusa Kasuga (The True IdolMASTER!!)
Name Meaning: Her first name is a mixture of the kanji for noble (貴) and sound (音). Her last name is a mixture of the kanji for four (四) and article (条).
A graceful girl filled with elegance, who is very gifted in any strings or woodwinds instruments; she is considering piano as well. She is close friends with Azusa Miura, who she met after performing her first concert with the local orchestra. She is also known for her elegant wavy silver hair, that shines in the sun. She has a little sister, whose name is Akane.
Fun Fact: She shares her name with Ene (Takane Enomoto) from Kagerou Project.
Chihaya Kisaragi idolizes her.
She was raised by foster parents, unlike her younger sister (Akane).
She doesn't get mad, except when you take away her favorite food... ramen.