Name: Naomi Wakabayashi
Nickname: Ritsuko (律子)
Age: 19
Card Type & Base Rarity: Extraordinary, normal
Eye Color: Brown
Location: Tokyo
Personality: Kind, but serious
Voice Actors: Naomi Wakabayashi (Idol Master), Midori Ibayashi (The True Idol MASTER!!), Ayumi Tadokoro (Axis Powers: Hetalia, Naomi no Sekai)
Name Meanings: Naomi is a combination for the kanji of common (直) and beauty (美). Wakabayashi is a mixture of the kanji of young (若) and forest (林).
Ritsuko is a combination of the kanji for commandment (律) and child (子).
Formerly a teacher, now a student of her local college. She is striving to be number 1! She is mostly kind and lenient towards her classmates, except for the annoying ones. She won 1st place in her science fair when she was younger, and now has moved onto striving even further!
She has a husband, and is trying to have a child with him.
Fun Facts: She shares her nickname with Ritsuko Akagi from Evangelion.
Her nickname, Ritsuko, is the namesake of the band "RITSUKO AKIZUKI / I love RITSUKO autumn" (律子 秋好き), which consists of Miyako Hoshi, Chiyuki Takeuchi, and Ayumu Hayashi.