Name: Azusa Miura
Age: 22
Card Type & Base Rarity: Elegant, Rare++
Eye Color: Carmine
Location: Chiba (moved to Kyoto in Megumi no Takane Shijou)
Personality: Gentle and Calm
Voice Actor: Nozomi Higetsu (The Parable of Kisaragi, Megumi no Takane Shijou), Tsumugi Satomura (The True IdolMASTER!!)
Name Meaning: Azusa (あずさ) is written in hiragana, but if you write it in kanji (梓), it means catalpa, which is a beautiful tree. Her last name, Miura, is a mixture of the kanji for three (san / 三) and inlet (ura / 浦).
Gifted in art since she was a child, and has been painting ever since she was 2. She wanted to play both the violin and the flute, but didn't do so well. She meets Takane Shijou after going to one of the concerts she was in, and then invited her to a tea party, and they became friends afterwards.
She has a husband, and a baby daughter named Shizuka Miura.
Fun Fact: She shares her name with Azusa Nakano, fellow K-ON character, and Azusa Tadokoro, voice actress of Shizuka Mogami! Isn't that fun? It's mainly because I like azusa girls a lot.