Today, characters from the idolmaster game and the Megumi no Takane Shijou anime will battle.
So, who do we have first?
Oh, it's Chihaya Kisaragi! Although she isn't as famous as Takane Shijou or Azusa Miura, she's still... Chihaya!
And what do we have from the idolmaster?
Makoto Kikuchi! The tomboyish girl who grew up to become an idol!
makoto kikuchi breaks kisaragi's back
And Makoto Kikuchi wins. Now, next up... our famous Takane Shijou!
She is known for her violin skills, but how about her art?
Next up, we have another idolmaster master, Hibiki Ganaha!
Takane Shijou shows her artwork to Hibiki Ganaha, and hibiki died
gosh dang it takane shijou, you're fired.