This is a story about how Azusa Miura gets a catalpa for her birthday, only to realize that Akane Shijou was in trouble.
Characters: Azusa Miura Once upon a time, after Taichi Mashima confessed his love to Chihaya Ayase-
wait, wrong story
One day, Azusa Miura was turning 23. In her backyard, was a tree gift; it was a catalpa!
Azusa was genuinely happy. Unfortunately, for her, Ritsu Tainaka was also there with RitsuKO Akizuki.
Ritsu Tainaka was performing her K-ON! song, annoying ritsuko akizuki. However, a scream was heard.
Akane Shijou was stuck in the catalpa, and TAkane Shijou couldn't reach towards Akane, despite her being one of the tallest.
Chihaya Kisaragi grabs a piano and uses it as a ladder, but then the piano was so heavy the catalpa fell over and akane shijou died.
Well, I guess none of you are the true idolmaster :/